Middleware service for network disruption tolerant mobile applications

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University of New Brunswick


Mobile services are prone to failures caused by the disruption of an active wireless access network connection due to the user's movement to other networks or signal blocking (shadowing). To provide effective mobile application services during the disconnection period, middleware on mobile devices and Mobile Intelligent Server (MIS) can provide services for continuation of applications by managing mobile services, network connection, limited resources, and context information. Our work utilizes a context management mechanism provided by the middleware. This context management mechanism manages runtime application and networking contexts for decision making of the middleware. This dissertation investigates effective middleware services for disconnection tolerant mobile application services. The proposed middleware system architecture and the prototype implementation offer a system level comprehensive communication framework to third party servers through a Mobile Intelligent Server (MIS). The proposed context management technologies can be used for context aware decision making on mobile devices. We show that the context management mechanism manages runtime applications and networking contexts for decision making of the middleware. Context modeling focuses on how to relate contextual information. The proposed decision making algorithms are based on context information. The thesis also presents several experiments with the proposed MIS/middleware and evaluation.