TRUCKSTOPS : computerized fleet routing system : a possible management tool for optimizing milk transportation

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University of New Brunswick


This report evaluates TRUCKSTOPS, a computerized Fleet routing system, as a possible management tool For optimizing milk transportation. Data was obconomic grounds. Technical aspects considered the decision making capabilities otained From the New Brunswick Milk Marketing Board CNBMMB) in Sussex For the Sussex - Saint John region. The region contains 161 producers, 3 processing plants, B vehicles, and 16 barriers Cphysical constraints such as rivers or mountains). Data For each was entered into TRUCK-EDIT, a sub-program oF TRUCKSTOPS, and route schedules were generated For each vehicle using TRUCK-LOAD, also a sub-program. The actual present manual route schedules For each oF the vehicles were also entered into TRUCK-LOAD. TRUCKSTOPS was then evaluated on both technical and eF the program as well as the eFFort required in running it. Economic aspects considered a comparison oF the TRUCKSTOPS generated route schedules to the actual present manual route schedules, as well as considering any potential benefits the program might provide in other areas oF transportation. i