Chionera pamwe chuma chemuzukuru: A community based collaborative research- exploring Trelawney’s heritage in “Mash West” Zimbabwe

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University of New Brunswick


Zimbabwe's cultural heritage is intimately intertwined with the intricate dynamics of land ownership and access, a product of the country's colonial history which saw the utilization of archaeology to promote British hegemony. This study focuses on the Trelawney area in Mashonaland West province, known for its archaeological sites situated within farms repossessed by the Zimbabwean government during the contentious Fast Track Land Reform Program. This study seeks to decolonize the interconnections among individuals, land, and heritage through a community-based approach. This research elucidates the multifaceted dimensions of Zimbabwe's heritage within the post-colonial context using collaborative knowledge production between Western and Shona knowledge systems. The findings underscore the significance of community collaboration in challenging colonial paradigms while fostering a more inclusive and culturally nuanced comprehension of heritage in Zimbabwe from an anthropological perspective.