A construction information management assessment model

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University of New Brunswick


Organizational-level information management (IM) has the potential to improve performance in construction-owner organizations. The lack of a model to comprehensively assess the organizational-level IM performance has inspired the need for this research. The goal of this research is to develop an organizational-level IM performance assessment model to measure and improve the organizational-level IM performance in construction-owner organizations. The model consists of three interconnected perspectives: (i) the organizational-level IM framework, which identifies and defines the eight organizational-level IM components, the six IM activities, and the 40 lagging and leading key performance indicators (KPIs) needed for comprehensive IM performance measurement; (ii) the IM performance measurement method to measure the organizational-level IM performance; and (iii) the IM performance improvement method to improve the IM performance for the IM components. A systems approach was used to validate the capability of the model for use in IM performance assessment through seven construction IM researchers across Canada and 11 strategic managers in eight construction-owner organizations in three Canadian Maritime provinces. The testing of the model consisted of measuring the IM performance at the KPI-level and measuring the lagging metric-level performance for a specific management process (change order process). The results validated the capability of the model to assess the organizational- level IM performance in the organizations. The key contribution of this study to IM researchers and strategic managers is the developed model, which provides insight into the measurement and improvement of organizational-level IM performance in construction-owner organizations.