A procession of eyes: seven stories and a novella

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University of New Brunswick


A Procession of Eyes: Seven Stories and a Novella is a series of interrelated stories that deal with the relationship between humans and their virtual technologies. Today, virtual technologies are ubiquitous. Everyday reality now has a virtual component. These stories explore this dichotomous relationship between virtuality and reality, often showing one collapsing into the other. They explore the emotional investments we give to our technologies, their effect on identity, and what it means to be an embodied human with a virtual alter-reality. Virtual technology, for the characters in these stories, is, at once, a safe place and oppressive force which must be escaped. These characters are depressed, self-deluded, stuck in certain areas of life that do not show any way out. They turn to the wonders of technology as a haven from the mental stresses of modern life, but turn away from technology in order to assert their sense of identity.