Exploring the role of lay and professional patient navigators in Canada

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University of New Brunswick


Patient navigation (PN) is a model of care that addresses the complex nature of navigating health, education, and social services. Currently, there is no consensus on when to use a lay navigator versus a professional navigator, with little research on this topic in a Canadian context. The purpose of this study is to explore the roles of patient navigators in different settings and situations for various patient populations in Canada, and to understand the rationale for implementing lay and professional models of PN in a Canadian context. This manuscript is written in an article-based format. The first section is an introductory chapter that discusses background information on PN and situates the current project within existing academic literature. Following this is an article that describes the study, including the research design, findings, as well as a discussion and implications section. Finally, the third section is a conclusion chapter, which summarizes the research findings and provides a detailed discussion of the study’s strengths and limitations, as well as a discussion and recommendations for future research.