Development of a self-tapping screw steel plate connection for a cross laminated timber tiny house

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University of New Brunswick


A stiff, strong hold-down connection would be the key element of unleashing the full strength and stiffness potential of a cross-laminated timber (CLT) tiny house. This thesis was aimed at developing a CLT connection made of simple material including self-tapping screws (STSs) and steel plates that could be used in CLT tiny house hold-down. Finite element (FE) analysis and experimental tests were the two methods used. It was found that 1) the most influential elastic parameter of FE analysis was the modulus of elasticity and shear modulus in the longitudinal and tangential plane of the CLT in the major strength direction; 2) The peak load and ductility of Type 3 could be improved by 28% and 33% compared to Type 1, respectively; 3) Type 3 could generate similar performance in vertical and horizontal directions in terms of stiffness (27.62kN/mm and 25.63kN/mm) and peak load (74.23kN and 70.25kN) under the FE analysis.