Perceptions and roles of educators in an ethnoculturally diverse school

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University of New Brunswick


This qualitative single-site case study was conducted within a large, ethnoculturally evolving secondary school in the Greater Moncton Area of New Brunswick, Canada. Using a constructivist framework, the purpose of this research was to gain insight into the perceptions educators have of this ethnoculturally diverse school context, the roles educators believe they have in this setting, and how supported they feel as educators within this new reality. Ten educator interviews were conducted with additional data collected that included observations of the site and documental evidence. It was found that participants held mostly positive attitudes of ethnoculturally diverse newcomers and have worked to build connections and implement strategies to work with these students. However, challenges do exist with language emerging as a critical theme. There is a need for further professional learning opportunities for educators, additional supports from higher-ups, and systemic considerations to be made.