From the screen to the page: a qualitative study of reading experiences of university faculty

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis explores the reading experiences of academics in various faculties at the University of New Brunswick. The project investigates how academics practice and experience reading through the two main media—that is, the digital medium (such as computer screens, tablets and e-readers) and the more traditional one of the printed word (such as books, journals and other paper documents). Using the qualitative method, I conducted interviews with eight professors representing a wide variety of disciplines across UNB. Investigating the reading behaviours and the choice of one medium over another for certain professional and personal activities, this study attempts to discover the rationale behind these academics’ personal reading preferences. This study offers strong empirical evidence that supports the claim that academics make decisions about the medium of their choice based on the type of activity they are engaged in and the general practicality and convenience offered by the medium itself.