Improving skip side slipper plate design to accommodate higher impact bunton force

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University of New Brunswick


This research explored new ways to improve mine conveyance side slippers design, used to reduce the impact loads from the lateral movement resulting from misaligned mineshaft guiding system caused during the hoisting process. The research examined the dynamic behavior of conveyances using Comro design guideline (1990) and compared it against single degree of freedom analysis (SDOF). A soft material, rubber bearing pads, was added to the slipper design to reduce the total stiffness of the system, reducing the magnitude of the lateral impact force. Cotton duck pads, a type of bearing pad, were tested under strain rates of 0.001 to 200s[superscript -1] to investigate their behavior under different strain rates and calculate a secant modulus of elasticity (300-400 MPa) to be used in the final slipper design. A new slipper was designed to increase the productivity of old and new mines. Design guidelines for the new slippers are presented in this thesis.