Far field velocity measurements of a forced three-dimensional turbulent wall jet

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University of New Brunswick


As shown in recent studies, the development of a three-dimensional turbulent wall jet can be altered up to x/D=20 by manipulating the discharge conditions at the nozzle outlet. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if the control observed in the near field carries on past x/D=20. A wall jet of Reynolds number 130,000 was subjected to symmetrical forcing using an array of synthetic jet actuators mounted around the nozzle outlet and forced at a St=0.20. The efficacy of the control was measured through the collection of mean streamwise velocity measurements from x/D=10 to 50. The results of this study have proven that forcing past x/D=20 continues to have an observable effect on the development of the three-dimensional wall jet - even up to x/D=50, where the maximum streamwise velocity is decreased by 15% over the uncontrolled jet and forcing caused the lateral half-widths to increase by 3.7%.