Newcomers' experience of workplace bullying :: a grounded theory study

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University of New Brunswick


Workplace bullying is unwanted, unwelcome abuse of any power that has the effect or intent to intimidate, control, or strip targets of their dignity and rights at work. Recent research has shown that newcomers (those who have moved to a country as permanent or non-permanent residents) are disproportionately at risk of experiencing workplace bullying. To date, research on newcomers' experience of workplace bullying is limited. In this grounded theory study, experiences of eight newcomers to Canada were explored and the three-stage basic social process of Regaining Control was identified. This study revealed that workplace bullying and discrimination are overlapping and that, for newcomers, workplace bullying often involves subtle racial and discriminatory undertones. Unique to newcomers is that their immigration status, language and culture can play a role in how they are affected by workplace bullying. Findings from this study offer insights into how newcomers protect and promote their health when workplace bullying is experienced and explores implications for workplace practices and healthcare professionals.