Motivation of older adults to participate in remotely delivered dementia prevention study

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University of New Brunswick


Research has demonstrated that there are modifiable risk factors which can prevent some types of dementia and that multidomain interventions targeting these risk factors can delay the onset of dementia or slow symptom progression. A qualitative descriptive design was used to explore the motivation of participants to initially enroll and then sustain participation in SYNERGIC@Home, a remotely delivered dementia prevention trial. Barriers and facilitators to participation were also explored. Findings revealed that Fear of Developing Dementia and Wanting to Make a Difference for Others were the main themes developed for motivation for joining. Themes generated under sustaining participation were the Rapport with the Research Assistant, Feeling Better and Having Fun. Motivation for engagement in a remotely delivered dementia prevention trial was similar to what has been reported with in-person interventions. The importance of human connection in engagement, even with remote delivery, was key.