A framework for migration of conventional client-server software systems to cloud

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University of New Brunswick


As an emerging model for the delivery of software services, Software as a Service (SaaS) becomes a trend in software industry due to its low investment, flexibility and accessibility. However, migration of conventional client-server software systems and applications to SaaS may involve complicated processes. This thesis proposes a framework named A2SF for helping software developers to migrate conventional client-server applications to high quality SaaS based applications in cloud environments, with multi-tenancy support, without re-developing or modifying the original applications. The migration framework consists of four components: service proxy, data proxy, tenant management, and cloud resources management. The four framework components, together with an original client-server application, can be seamlessly deployed on the cloud as an SaaS software. A prototype of A2SF has been implemented on the Amazon AWS cloud platform. Based on A2SF, the thesis also describes a general cloud migration process for client-server applications and presents a case study of migrating a real-world client-server application to Amazon AWS cloud.