“They Don’t Teach You That in School”: Discovering formations of Funds of Knowledge among immigrant families in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


The study used the Funds of Knowledge framework, a conceptual model connecting household practices with valuable academic resources, to explore learning discourses within immigrant families. The research delved into Grade 6 students’ navigation of their household culture and the Canadian community, along with understanding the roles played by parents in their growth. Utilizing case study methods, participants engaged in guided art activities, focus group discussions, and parent interviews. Five themes emerged from students’ perspectives, including perceived influences, interests, activities, physical environment, and experiences, as well as culture/language. Additionally, parents contributed three themes: experiencing the new environment, preserving cultural identity, and influencing their children's decision making. The findings provide insights into the learning discourses within immigrant families, highlighting the interplay between household practices, parental influence, and students’ experiences.