The gravimetric geoid for Mexico: xGGM23

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University of New Brunswick


The work presented in this thesis deals with the construction of a new gravimetric geoid model for Mexico. A large amount of terrestrial gravimetry collected up to year 2020 was processed in spectral combination with the satellite-derived geopotential model GOCO06s using the UNB’s Stokes-Helmert technique. The geoid model complies with international standards of the regional geoid for North and Central America and its resolution of 2.5 arc minutes is coherent with the actual spacing in gravimetry data holdings for the country. It was found that the new geoid model agrees with the national vertical datum by 10 cm in standard deviation, which implies a significant improvement from previous models. Improvements are mainly due to the recent densification of terrestrial gravity surveys, refinements in the software code of the SHGeo package, and an optimization process to select the frequency on which the terrestrial input data takes over from the satellite source.