The role of nurse practitioners in preventing the revolving door of readmissions and emergency department visits among individuals with complex needs

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University of New Brunswick


As nurse practitioners (NPs) are increasingly integrated into healthcare systems, understanding their role in combating prominent healthcare challenges is integral to finding innovative solutions to these problems. The aim of this study was to examine the role of NPs in preventing the revolving door of hospital readmissions and emergency department visits among patients with complex care needs. This thesis is presented in a articles-based format with three chapters. The first is an introductory chapter that provides background information and places the research in the larger context of existing literature. Following this is a manuscript describing the study in journal article format. The final chapter concludes the thesis with an executive summary and discussion of the study. While no single profession can stand alone to tackle the overuse of hospital services, this study sheds light on the contributions of NPs and can inform future research, practice, and policy in this area.