Reintegration of fundamental movement patterns and its effect on dynamic movement function

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University of New Brunswick


The purpose of this study was to determine whether reintegration training along with mobility and stability training influence movement patterns. Thirty-two participants were divided into two training groups. The control group completed mobility and stability training, while the experimental group completed mobility, stability, and movement pattern training. Mobility was measured via an active knee extension, while stability was measured using a drop landing test. The sagittal view of a box lifting task and overhead deep squat were used to assess movement patterns. Significant improvements in hip mobility were demonstrated in both groups. Stability was not improved during the drop landing test. No significant improvements were observed for the box lifting task; however, minor improvements in joint positioning toward ideal were observed for the overhead deep squat in both groups. It was concluded that both training interventions were effective in stimulating minor improvements in motor skill performance requiring maximal movement capacity.