A forest operations management plan for 7 stands within the Noonan Research Forest owned by the University of New Brunswick in the city of Fredericton - NB

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University of New Brunswick


Understanding and estimating cost of forest operations is critical to the economic success of the logging business and an important tool for forest management decisions. The purpose of this research is to develop an understanding of how to design, cost and implement a forest operations management plan. The research project is conducted within the Noonan Research Forest (NRF), an Acadian mixedwood forest parcel owned and managed by the University of New Brunswick, located approximately 25 km North-East of the city of Fredericton (45.993905 N, -66.410996 E). The management plan encompasses all requirements necessary to construct and calculate a machine rental rate or proforma for forest harvesting equipment and assess expected revenue prominent from a forest stand. The scope of this report is to analyze pre-collected inventory data of 7 forest stands within the NRF, summarizing forest attributes, with respective variance, and hence, recommend most suitable harvest prescriptions for each stand. Identification of a harvest system based upon prescription, computing costs for harvesting, processing, and transportation of products from stump to roadside. Then, upon to product market assessment, calculate distance and time from stand to mills based upon the most cost-effective delivery location. Lastly, this report aims to calculate the products stumpage value providing to the landowner with a better understanding of expected revenue and timber cost management.