The effects of a brief mindfulness intervention on high intensityinterval training performance

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University of New Brunswick


Mindfulness interventions in sport have grown significantly in the last decade (Gardner & Moore, 2012). However, there are currently no studies that examine the relationship between mindfulness and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). For this experiment, a single-subject, multiple baseline design was used. Seven male and five female athletes were recruited for this study. Participants completed a total of 12 HIIT sessions. The HIIT task was done on a cycle ergometer and consisted of 8 bouts of 30-second intervals at 7.5 % body mass applied as torque with 30 seconds rest in between intervals. The dependent variable was the total amount of work done in Joules per kilogram. After completing the baseline phase, participants received a 60-minute mindfulness intervention. During the treatment phase, participants performed a 12-minute mindfulness breathing task immediately prior to completing the HIIT for the entire duration of the treatment phase. Visual inspection was used to analyze the results (mean change, change in variance, percentage increase and variance coefficients). Results showed improvements in four of the twelve participants. Potential mechanisms and future research areas are discussed.