Critical filmmaking pedagogies: the complexities of addressing social justice issues with youth in New Brunswick schools

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University of New Brunswick


In this dissertation, I explore the limits and possibilities of critical filmmaking pedagogies in generating action toward social change in the lives of youth. In the context of the What's up Doc? filmmaking program, which took place in a New Brunswick school district, I explore how teachers and students take up critical filmmaking pedagogies in three New Brunswick mainstream school settings. The purpose of the· study is to examine the influence of various individual, social, and political contexts, and the associated institutional and discursive constraints on the potential of critical filmmaking pedagogies. Adopting a bricolage approach, I use a range of critical theories (e.g., critical pedagogy, and post-structuralist, neo-Marxist, feminist, dis/ability, and queer theories) to analyze how discursive and institutional forms of power operate in, on and through collaborative filmmaking projects. By critically analyzing multiple school sites, through a range of theoretical frameworks, the research highlights how broader cultural/discursive/structural facets of education shape the praxis.