Continuing education for Rehabilitation Nurses: The role of the Rehabilitation Nurse for patients with Multiple Sclerosis

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University of New Brunswick


Continuing education enhances nurses’ knowledge, skills, expertise, and competence throughout their careers, promoting lifelong learning. Rehabilitation nurses educate patients to maximize self-care and help them achieve their best level of functioning. However, in Saint John, NB, there has been a lack of continuing education for rehabilitation nurses due to the absence of a nurse educator and the retirement of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) certification exam. This report discusses the development, implementation, and evaluation of an education session using Kern’s framework, the “Six Steps to Curriculum Development” for the rehabilitation nursing staff at Saint John Regional Hospital. A needs assessment identified multiple sclerosis (MS) and spasticity as content topics. Subsequently, an education session titled “The Role of the Rehabilitation Nurse for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis” was created and delivered to six nurses over two sessions. Despite low attendance and small numbers, participants achieved knowledge gains and perceived the education session positively.