Techniques of governmentality, neoliberalism, technological determinism, and the McKenna miracle: a New Brunswick case study

dc.contributor.advisorDownes, Dann
dc.contributor.authorHansen, Wayne Darin
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this thesis is to examine the promise of the information and communications technology sector (ICT) as the engine that would drive New Brunswick’s economic development strategy during Liberal Premier Frank McKenna’s ten-year mandate from 1987-1997. This mandate was driven by a set of socioeconomic policies, infused with principles of neoliberalism and globalization, which the New Brunswick government deployed in an attempt to condition its citizens to participate in a newly envisioned knowledge-based economy. Through an interdisciplinary, explanatory, case study methodology I will demonstrate that the entire McKenna mandate was underpinned by the rhetoric of technological determinism and executed through processes of governmentality. While successful in ushering in an era of neoliberalism the mandate failed to create a self-sufficient society and a knowledge-based economy in the province.
dc.description.copyrightNot available for use outside of the University of New Brunswick
dc.description.noteElectronic Only. (UNB thesis number) Thesis 9473. (OCoLC) 962764197.
dc.description.noteM.Id.St., University of New Brunswick, School of Graduate Studies, 2014.
dc.format.extentv, 102 pages
dc.identifier.oclc(OCoLC) 962764197
dc.identifier.otherThesis 9473
dc.publisherUniversity of New Brunswick
dc.subject.disciplineInterdisciplinary Studies
dc.subject.lcshInformation technology--Government policy--New Brunswick.
dc.subject.lcshNew Brunswick--Economic policy.
dc.subject.lcshNew Brunswick--Social policy.
dc.subject.lcshNew Brunswick--Politics and government.
dc.subject.lcshMcKenna, Frank J.
dc.subject.lcshKnowledge economy--New Brunswick.
dc.titleTechniques of governmentality, neoliberalism, technological determinism, and the McKenna miracle: a New Brunswick case study
dc.typemaster thesis Studies of Interdisciplinary Studies of New Brunswick


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