Female empowerment as a social determinant of female obesity: A comparative analysis of Nigerian and Canadian women

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University of New Brunswick


This study examined the effect of women’s empowerment as a social determinant of female obesity in Nigeria and Canada. The study consists of descriptive analysis and a multinomial logistic regression of the women empowerment metrics and its relationship with female obesity in Canada and Nigeria. The prevalence rates of the various obesity categories underweight (UW), normal weight (NW), overweight (OW) and obese (O) based on the CCHS and NDHS, were approximated as Canada (UW (≈3%), NW (≈52%), OW (≈25%) and O (≈20%)) and Nigeria (UW (≈12%), NW (≈61%), OW (≈18%) and O (≈9%)) respectively. Odds ratios (OR) reveals that the women empowerment indicators have effect on female obesity at all significance levels (p < 1%, 5% and 10%). In Canada obesity is a modifiable risk factor for empowered women while in Nigeria obesity is a thing of wealth, attention should be focused on mitigating strategies that are non pharmacologically centric.