Prototype Eclipse OMR port performance evaluation on AArch64

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis discusses the steps taken to build the prototype Eclipse OMR port to the AArch64 architecture. The AArch64 OMR port is evaluated using Eclipse OpenJ9 against an AMD64 counter-part (similar cache size and clock speed); The results are used to build a baseline for future research and provide an evaluation framework upon which further enhancements to the platform can be compared. This thesis also reviews the AArch64 hardware landscape and its suitability for a development platform. AArch64 is reviewed in terms of software availability and ease of use. Developing for embedded devices adds a layer of difficulty to software development that cannot be ignored and this thesis reviews the usability of modern development tools on the AArch64 ISA. This thesis offers an experience review on the AArch64 ISA with modern software as well as the viability of a high-performance runtime on AArch64.