Software development for implementing new features for prediction and impact analysis of key parameters of biogas plant operations for anessa

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University of New Brunswick


Biogas plants are configured with diverse plant specifications. Software exists to provide users with the ability to simulate, optimize, store and monitor data pertaining to the biogas plants. The purpose of this research was to implement two new features. We implemented the digester temperature-based prediction, leveraging an artificial intelligence-based model. This enables the user to predict the impact of temperature on the production of biogas and other products. We used Angular, Java and MongoDB for implementing this feature and the matrix computations were done using the ND4J library. We implemented another new feature, the Catalog, that would be used to build a model in the future, to predict the undesirable working conditions of the plant and unfavorable conditions for the micro-organisms to thrive. The implementation of this feature can be used to warn and alert the users of such conditions to avoid damages to the infrastructure. The report provides a comprehensive summary on the evaluation of the implementations and this was based on the prediction impact and the characteristics of the data collected.