In using the Ontario Ministry of Education's "5 Stages of Discrimination" model for the teaching of anti-discrimination through the CHG38 course: the theory, the workbook and the teacher's manual

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University of New Brunswick


The purpose of this project is to develop a workbook and teacher's manual that would help to teach anti-discrimination. The aim of the project is to have this practical tool used in the teaching of the new, locally developed Toronto District School Board grade 11 course History of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity_(CHG3B). The material can also be adapted for grade 9 and 10 courses in subjects such as English, Civics or History. The framework of the model used in developing the workbook uses an overlay of the five stages of discrimination model, which is a Social Science course taught at the grade 12 level, and sanctioned by the Ontario Ministry of Education- HSB4M (Challenge and Change: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology). This model draws upon current academic research on genocide and peace education. The workbook was created based on an analysis of the current Ontario Ministry of Education's secondary curriculum policy on discrimination and course profiles of current history courses. It is a practical resource with a clear program geared towards helping young people identify, stop, and reverse the stages of discrimination, and was developed using cognitive theory in instructional design.