Administrators’ Experiences Facilitating Fee Assistance Programs and Supporting the Inclusion of Low-Income Families Participation in Community Sport and Recreation Organizations in New Brunswick

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University of New Brunswick


Community sport and recreation organizations (CSROs) are integral to facilitating sport and recreation in communities (Misener & Doherty, 2013; Sharpe, 2006), including the facilitation of fee assistance programs (FAPs) for low-income families (McCarville, 2008). However, the experiences of facilitating FAPs from the perspective of CSROS and how CSROs support the inclusion of low-income families in sport in recreation is not largely documented in the literature. Therefore, this study examined CSRO administrators’ experiences facilitating FAPs and supporting the inclusion of low-income families in sport and recreation in the province of New Brunswick. The findings of the study are presented across two publishable papers. This thesis contributes to the literature in two ways. First, this study demonstrated how responsibilization is evident in the facilitation of FAPs. Second, this study identified how CSROS facilitated inclusion to support the participation of low-income families in sport and recreation in New Brunswick.