High users of primary care services among Canadian armed forces veterans

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University of New Brunswick


This research aimed to identify the characteristics associated with being a high user of primary care services among a nationally representative sample of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans, as well as to identify healthcare utilization patterns among these high users. Quantitative analysis of Veterans Affairs Canada’s 2016 Life After Service Survey was conducted, which includes indicators of well-being in domains of health, finances, employment or other meaningful activity, life skills and preparedness, and social integration. Descriptive analysis, bivariate logistic regression, and multiple logistic regression identified many military, demographic, and well-being characteristics that were significantly associated with being a high user of primary care. High users were also more likely to use other healthcare services. These findings provide evidence for the development of policies and practices aimed at improving the clinical and social care of CAF Veterans and reducing their healthcare utilization, in addition to informing future research in this area.