A story of being and becoming an artist

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University of New Brunswick


The purpose of this autoethnographic story study is to adventure through the process of self-reflection and writing to explore and interrogate my narratives of lived experience as an artist. This study is both my story of being and becoming an artist educator and what is drawn out of the stories by connecting them to the broader cultural, political and social meanings and understandings. My reflections consider the context of being an immigrant Irish artist and educator on Indigenous Land in New Brunswick. Storytelling is key throughout this thesis and used as part of the methodology. While I will relate my stories as an artist educator, I will critically interrogate the discourses that have formed those experiences. Within this study I story my narratives of becoming and being an artist and explore through reflexivity how they impact my andragogical practice. This study is useful for artist educators in modelling and encouraging reflection upon their own creative practices, art educational discourses, artists’ relationality and community. Keywords: artist, artist educator, autoethnography, reflexivity, personal narrative.