How India’s newspaper Hindustan Times framed Nepal’s constitution and economic blockade

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University of New Brunswick


This thesis focuses on how India's Hindustan Times (HT) newspaper framed Nepal's political and economic landscape during the six-month unofficial economic blockade (20-09-2015 to 09-02-2016). Research for this thesis has shown that several framing strategies were used in the 19 articles published by the HT during the blockade—from September 20th until February 9th. The two significant framings that emerged during the textual analysis of the 19 articles were political—almost all in a negative tone. The framings served as a tool for the Delhi establishment to deny their involvement in the economic blockade imposed on Nepal under the disguise of blaming an ethnic group of Nepal. The blockade had created a humanitarian crisis and evoked a war-like situation, which India's center continues to deny its role in to this day. This thesis, therefore, reflects on how the HT of India frames Nepal, primarily for their newspaper and India’s geo-political and economic goals.