Droplet transport in a turbulent wake flow

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University of New Brunswick


The present research describes the study of droplet transport in a high Reynolds number turbulent flow in the wake of a disk. A dilute two-phase flow was produced using a liquid atomizer nozzle inserted in the wake flow. The air velocity and droplet size ranges used in this study produced a range of Stokes number from 5 < Stk < 100. A Phase Doppler Interferometer was used to simultaneously measure the size and velocity of droplets. Results include mean and fluctuation concentration field, turbulent flux of concentration, gas phase and droplet velocimetry, and droplet size spectra. An important part of the current study was focused on identification of appropriate statistical processing methods for the temporal and spatial structure of droplets in a turbulent flows. A close investigating of modeling droplet phase as a point process was performed and the limitations of these models and their differences with the experimental data were discussed. Two point statistics of point processes were reviewed and their relation with the physical phenomena, i.e. clustering, scales of turbulence scales and and structure were investigated.