Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure security

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University of New Brunswick


Electric Vehicles (EVs) have gained popularity in recent years due to their economic and environmental benefits. However, their growth has faced numerous technical challenges, with cybersecurity emerging as critical. To address security concerns, this thesis initially surveys the previous literature to find possible attacks and challenges of EVs. Then, it analyzes the security of all components that can transmit data or are connected to EVs, with the aim of identifying the critical elements in the ecosystem. Utilizing the proposed architecture, this study introduces a comprehensive risk assessment framework that identifies all possible attacks and challenges. These are then ranked based on impact, likelihood, and risk criteria, with subsequent countermeasures proposed. Furthermore, to demonstrate the applicability of our proposed methods, we identify a gap in the Electric Vehicle-Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EV-EVSE) system, specifically monitoring charging sessions. Consequently, weproposeafive-stepintelligentmonitoringframeworkforchargingsitestoprevent fraudulent charging and malicious sessions.