Application and expansion of wood-based derivatives as reinforcement of packaging

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University of New Brunswick


Fiber-based energy absorption tubes could be designed as corner post reinforcement for packaging. This thesis explored the impact of geometric parameters, material composition, and relative humidity (RH) on the mechanical properties of fiber-based tubes, designed as reinforcement for corrugated cardboard boxes. It examined the compressive response of boxes under varying RH conditions, noting that an increase in RH from 50% to 90% significantly reduced peak load (plc) and specific energy absorption (SEA) by up to 20%. Moisture adversely affected the modulus of elasticity, inducing buckling in longer columns and crushing in shorter ones. Both types of columns showed a 20% reduction in performance at greater lengths. The findings underscored the effectiveness of fiber-based reinforcements in enhancing the compression resistance of cardboard packaging, with increases of approximately 230% and 710% for paper-based and veneer-based reinforcements, respectively. A 20% RH increase resulted in a 40% decrease in the compression strength of the packaging.