Plague of fleas

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University of New Brunswick


Plague of Fleas is a novel that attempts to navigate the relationship between sympathy and apathy in a society obsessed with local and international tragedy. The novel places Delia, a middle-aged Christian mystic in the 21st century, at the scene of a hit-and-run accident that leaves Joffrey, a 12 year-old boy, dead. Instead of informing the police of the young boy's killer, Delia dwells on her own emotional frailty in the aftermath of the accident. As a modem-day mystical seer, she soon becomes engaged with the apparition of the dead boy, forming a meaningful relationship with the child while avoiding any possibility of fulfillment and repentance in her own life. As a means of reproducing Delia's mystical visions, the novel attempts to combine the characterization and narrative techniques of traditional literary fiction with elements from popular "genre" fiction, such as science-fiction and fantasy. Plague of Fleas follows Delia's struggle to navigate between her auspicious visions and the real world itself.