Feasibility of using recycled plastic shreds as partial replacement of aggregate in the granular base of pavements

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University of New Brunswick


The increase in the generation of plastic wastes every year is causing great awareness among consumers over the disposal of these wastes due to limited landfill capacity. This study investigates the feasibility of incorporating recycled plastic into the granular base of pavement as a replacement for natural aggregate. The process to recycle plastic waste was studied, and potential providers of the material were identified and theoretical proportions were suggested. A preliminary trial mix containing 95% aggregates and 5% shredded plastic was prepared in the laboratory using the sieve analysis and the moisture-density relationship tests. The results were compared with results obtained for a control material without plastic. The results from the standard proctor test demonstrated that with the inclusion of 5% shredded PET, the material required 2% less water and the maximum dry density dropped by 21%. Considering that the availability of plastic was a limitation, recommendations are provided to facilitate further research.