Design and implementation of peer collaboration service framework on cloud

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University of New Brunswick


Most of the key tasks or work in today's business are strongly related to collaboration. One of the important reasons that people collaborate is to complete a task which is hard to be done by individuals independently. With the prevalence of the Internet and mobile devices accessing the Internet with high-bandwidth network, it is easier for people in different locations to form groups anywhere and anytime. However, there are few methods to manage these dynamic web based collaborations. This thesis describes implementation of a framework named \Peer Collaboration Service Framework" providing a systematic approach to create and manage network based dynamic peer collaborations. The framework consists of three layers: (1) collaboration as a service layer, consisting of services to generate peer collaborations; (2) collaboration service layer, consisting of services running at the back end of collaborations to support them; (3) collaboration instance layer, supporting the generated collaboration application instances used by participants. This framework is implemented on Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform and employs several other web services offered by Amazon. A case study on collaborative software testing applications and experiments are also presented in the thesis.