Service oriented framework for personal health application development

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University of New Brunswick


In this work, Personal Health Service Framework (PHSF) is proposed which is an open architecture for developing patient-centric health applications and monitoring systems that use personal health monitoring devices for data gathering. PHSF uses service-oriented architecture to provide a baseline for developing health-related applications. PHSF services support personal health self-monitoring and remote monitoring, and to link health care providers and patients. PHSF is implemented as a combination of web services in four layers: the front-end services layer to support end user interactions, the intermediate services layer to do various tasks for the frontend services, the data access services layer to access the databases, and the database layer. These services are grouped into 7 service components: device client services, patient application services, provider client services, provider application services, information storage and retrieval services, privacy and security services, and transformation services. A prototype implementation of the PHSF and a heart monitoring application implemented with PHSF are presented in the thesis.