A secure and scalable blockchain enabled emergency e-health system

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University of New Brunswick


Effective management of electronic health records (EHRs) communication is crucial in emergency situations, hence there is a growing need for a secure and scalable system that can handle access to these records in real time during these situations. This study presents a blockchain-based emergency e-healthcare system built on Hyperledger Fabric, a mature open-source development environment that facilitates developing blockchain platforms and smart contract evaluations. Performance benchmarks leverage Hyperledger Caliper, with various configurations for optimizing network performance and providing detailed scalability results. Through extensive evaluation, the results demonstrated that under a specific test environment, this framework displayed a notable level of performance up to a transaction rate of 350 transactions per second without significant network latency. The criteria for evaluation includes throughput, latency, and scalability, which assess the system’s capacity to handle a growing number of EHR transactions.