Improving production management in a modular construction facility using data modelling and analytics

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University of New Brunswick


This research investigates the applicability of popular current improvement methodologies such as Lean Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma to the off-site construction industry. The link between manufacturing and off-site construction provides the opportunity for evaluating this within modular off-site construction. A literature review was completed to develop an understanding of the evolution of process improvement methodologies and the tools that may be applicable to off-site construction. A case study was conducted to provide a practical component to the research, evaluating the effectiveness of the methodologies in industry. In addition to process improvement, the potential productivity improvements gained by investing in automation were investigated as a possible solution to the increasing labour shortage within the industry. The research presents a guide for off-site construction companies to follow to improve productivity within their facility, as well as a financial model which can be used to support the decision-making process.