Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete: monitoring techniques and mitigation strategies

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University of New Brunswick


Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the most prominent cause of premature concrete deterioration. This necessitates understanding the methods available to monitor the rate of corrosion propagation, as well as the strategies that can be used to delay corrosion-induced deterioration. This thesis presents results of a study conducted to determine the reliability of several electrochemical corrosion-monitoring techniques. The reliability of these techniques was investigated experimentally, through laboratory experiments, as well as numerically, through finite element modeling. This thesis also presents results from a study on the corrosion-resistance of concrete incorporating supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) subjected to a marine environment for 25 years. This investigation included determining the effect of SCM incorporation on chloride diffusion, concrete resistivity and reinforcement corrosion rate. Finally, this thesis presents results from an investigation conducted on the performance of several corrosion-resistant reinforcements. This was performed through laboratory and field-exposure experiments implemented to compare the performance of these reinforcements to accepted standards.