Self-organizing mobile medium ad hoc network in NS-2

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University of New Brunswick


MANETs (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks) are mobile networks of wireless mobile devices capable of communicating with one another without any reliance on a fixed infrastructure. A M2ANET (Mobile Medium Ad hoc Network) is a set of mobile nodes forming a Mobile Medium and functioning as relays for facilitating communication between the users of this Mobile Medium. Movement of the nodes affects the performance of a M2ANET. We propose a scheme for controlling the movement of mobile nodes in a M2ANET based on an attraction/repulsion paradigm. The new node movement has an advantage over a random movement in keeping the nodes in an unbounded region in a sufficient density to allow for an efficient transfer of data over the Mobile Medium. Simulation results show tripling of the delivery ratio in a self-organizing M2ANET compared to a mobile network with all nodes moving randomly, in one experimental scenario.