Cultural sensitivity experiences of South Asian patients in primary care

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University of New Brunswick


Racial and ethnic minorities can encounter systemic barriers and injustices when accessing healthcare. These injustices can sometimes be attributed to healthcare providers' poor demonstration of cultural awareness or sensitivity. Cultural sensitivity practices of primary care providers (PCPs) can affect a South Asian's access to primary care. To explore matters relating to cultural sensitivity and lack thereof, this study is focused on the healthcare experiences of South Asian (SA) individuals in the context of primary care. This manuscript is written in an article-based format. The first section consists of an introductory chapter delineating a literature review on cultural sensitivity and its importance in primary care. This section also discusses SAs' health care needs and demonstrates the gap in literature regarding SAs' primary care experiences in Atlantic Canada. The second chapter is the research article, outlining the study, research design, findings, as well as discussion and implications. The third and final chapter is the conclusion and summarizes the research, recommendations for future research, as well as the strengths and limitations of the study.