Simulation and enhancement of HTTP-based video services with adaptive streaming over wireless networks

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University of New Brunswick


With the development of the Internet and mobile networks, video service in mobile devices has gained growing popularity. Guaranteeing a decent video service quality is, however, still quite challenging in wireless networks, due to the unstable features of radio channels. In this thesis, we investigate simulation and enhancement of video services based on the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) with adaptive streaming over wireless networks. Firstly, we implement a video service simulator to explore video quality monitoring and collection of performance metrics during content delivery. Then, we further propose a caching-based bitrate adaptation scheme for the purpose of video service quality enhancement. Instead of focusing on the traditional quality of service (QoS), we use a quality of experience (QoE) model for video performance evaluation. A series of experiments are conducted to assess the performance of our proposed bitrate adaptation scheme and compare it with several existing representative adaptation schemes. Experiments demonstrate that our proposed adaptation scheme outperforms the reference schemes by achieving higher mean opinion scores (MOS) as the QoE measure in a variety of network conditions.