Core task assistance in video games

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University of New Brunswick


Video games can be challenging, which is part of what makes games stimulating and entertaining. However, if they are too challenging, the player may find it frustrating. Game designers may balance their game by providing players with assistance. Previous work explores the effectiveness of potential assistance techniques within a particular genre and platform. Complex games could require several types of assistance to support a wide variety of gameplay mechanics. Designers would need to gather information from scattered sources to make informed decisions to apply optimal assistance. In this thesis, we propose a generalized framework for assistance in games, irrespective of genre or target platform. We achieve this by discussing techniques targeted at the 10 fundamental core tasks in video games that are the base of any game mechanic, such as Aiming, Reaction Time, and Visual Search. We also explore the best practices for choosing, interpreting, and implementing one of the 35 assistance techniques.