Understanding transportation needs in Minto, Chipman and surrounding areas

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University of New Brunswick


This report is intended to support transportation decision making in the Villages of Chipman and Minto and their surrounding communities, which have become vulnerable to dependence on the automobile while dealing with a shrinking and aging population and centralized urban services. Community profiles were developed to fully understand the demographic, socioeconomic and commuter characteristics. An inventory of transportation assets and programs was compiled through research and a telephone survey of community groups, churches and businesses. The survey demonstrated the lack of transportation options available to residents. Three alternative transportation options were examined in greater detail: A commuter bus service; volunteer driver program; and a park-and-ride service. A 37 passenger bus at capacity could cover its operating costs at $10 per ride; coarse estimates suggest a volunteer driver program may be able to solicit 38 members and 8 drivers; and existing parking lots should provide sufficient space for realistic park-and-ride usage.