Land registration: Managing information for land administration

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A narrow conveyancing perspective in land registration has led to the development of numerous unconnected, specialized registries in most jurisdictions, each maintaining a specific set of land tenure information. A focus on complex legal procedures has also inhibited innovation and system reform. The objective of this research has been to demonstrate how land registration can be more effectively designed to meet broader land management requirements. The conclusion is that this can be accomplished by putting greater emphasis on the information management function of land registration. This thesis provides a synthesis of land registration from an information management perspective. It examines the requirements for tenure information in land managements and land administration and develops models for these processes to demonstrate the potential role of land registration. Problems in existing land registration arrangements and recent trends in system development are reviewed. A set of conceptual models has been designed to describe land registration functions, processes, information, and systems from an information management perspective. One of the advantages of the models is that they are independent of specific legal, technical, or administrative arrangements. Using these models, the thesis provides a methodology for evaluating land registration systems and requirements, and a framework for identifying appropriate reform options and developing reform strategies. The research was based on a detailed analysis of requirements in three Canadian jurisdictions, on an evaluation of the Swedish Land Data Bank System, and on site visits in other countries. Although the case studies led to the development of theoretical models, the research also made practical contributions. The studies became a focus for improved government co-ordination in Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories. In Prince Edward Island the research also contributed to new government policy and departmental reorganization to improve the management of land tenure information.