A comparison between the forestry sector in New Brunswick (Canada) and Hesse (Germany)

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University of New Brunswick


This report provides an in-depth comparison of forestry and forests in the province of New Brunswick (Canada) and the state of Hesse (Germany). The first two sections describe the general situation and circumstances of forests and forestry in New Brunswick and Hesse, respectively, and the third section aims to compare the two forestry sectors to each other in more detail. The comparison shows several significant differences between the two forestry sectors in regard to forest management, forest governance, and factors influencing the economics of the respective forestry sectors. However, often it was not possible to find directly comparable data for Hesse and New Brunswick, which has several reasons. Therefore, the comparisons made in this report are of a relative nature, to see how much of an impact the forestry sector has on the economy and the people living in New Brunswick and Hesse.