Investigating read alouds: a self-study in the company of children and early childhood educators

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University of New Brunswick


The purpose of this study was to investigate read aloud with early childhood educators and children. As an action researcher I enquire into my experiences as an early childhood services coordinator, as a learner of the New Brunswick Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework-English and as a graduate student to draw on the power of action research, literature, conversations and my own self-study to reframe experience allowing me to reconsider and reshape my thinking and actions in ELLC centres. Combining research on dialogic reading and expressive engagement, I cooperated in read alouds with four early childhood educators and one room of fouryear-old children within an Early Learning and Child Care centre. Through video documentation, observations, journals, and educators’ focus groups, I engaged in research with early childhood educators building on the collaborative relationship and engagement that occurs during a read aloud between a child, a book, and an educator.