A driver for raster-like plotting devices

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Electrostatic plotter type devices, CRT or hardcopy, are basically printers which allow the "paper" movement only in one direction. As a result, the entire display file has to be created before the process of generating the display can begin. This arrangement differs significantly from the X-Y plotters where the "plotting pencil" and/or paper may be moved in any direction. An algorithm for generating a display on the electrostatic plotter type devices is described in this paper. This algorithm is based upon creating and maintaining a vector file consisting of end points of visible vectors, sorting these vectors, and then generating the plot - a strip at a time. Only the points that lie within the strip are calculated. The details of implementation and the data structure used are discussed. There is no restriction on the size of the display that can be generated; in fact, plots of size 100" by 20" have been produced using this algorithm. No a-priori knowledge of the extent of the plot is required. The algorithm has been designed to operate in a device independent computer plotting system and has worked very satisfactorily without imposing any restrictions on the users. Key Words and Phrases: graphics, electrostatic plotters, raster displays, vector generation, data structure, sorting.